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FOI Request - CCTV Cameras In Forres

Request 101001974417

Details of CCTV cameras in operation during 2018 within the Forres area including:

1. Location
2. Direction
3. Field of view
4. Times of recording
5. Times of scheduled live monitoring
6. Location of monitoring
7. Dates of damage and duration of downtime

Response 23-11-2018

1 High Street / Castlehill Road
Gordon Street @ Car Park
High Street / Cumming Lane
High Street / Tolbooth Street
High Street @ 2nd Hand Rose

2 & 3 The cameras rotate on their mount and provide a field of view as required by the operator within the limits of the equipment.

4 The equipment is capable of recording on a 24 hour basis

5 Operation and monitoring of the equipment is a matter for Police Scotland. You may wish to redirect your request to them, please find contact details here

6 Police Scotland, Moray Street, Elgin

7 The cameras have not suffered damage.  Any faults are reported by Police Scotland and attended to as per a maintenance contract arranged by Moray Council.  In accordance with section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 we can confirm that downtime is not recorded by Moray Council. 

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