Allocations Policy Review

Our Allocations Policy provides a framework to support the allocation of council housing by taking into consideration the needs, demands and aspirations of applicants.  The main aim of our Allocations Policy is to address housing need by prioritising applicants based on their individual circumstances and levels of need. The policy is needed to make sure there is clear and transparent guidance on how we match people who apply for our homes with the homes that become available.

Why we are reviewing the Allocations Policy

Our Allocations Policy sets out the rules that we follow when letting our houses.  Our Allocations Policy and access to all social housing is governed by legislation and guidance.  New legislation – the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 – makes several changes to the allocation rules for social landlords which we must prepare for by reviewing the Allocations Policy.   These changes include how we consult on our policy.  We are expected to consult before we make changes to our policy.

In addition to legal changes, there are some areas of our current Allocations Policy which we feel should be changed to help us improve our current allocations process and address the pressures identified in the Moray Housing Need and Demand Assessment (HNDA).   This found:

  • evidence of significant overcrowding and under occupancy in social housing;
  • a significant mismatch between supply and demand across house types and sizes in social housing.  Pressure is greatest on one and four bedroom general needs housing; and
  • a growing need for accessible housing.

We hope that the proposed changes will make the Allocations Policy fairer and clearer.  However, before we make any changes, we need your feedback.  We want to know what you think about:

  • increasing the level of priority we give to applicants who under occupy their homes;
  • taking property ownership into account when considering an application for housing;
  • giving short Scottish secure tenancies to homeowners;
  • suspending applicants from offers of housing;
  • giving priority to households who live in specialist housing that they no longer need;
  • giving increased priority to households living in tied accommodation who will lose their home when their employment ends;
  • giving increased priority to households leaving institutional/supported care;
  • changing the rules on the size of property that we offer couples;
  • placing applicants aged 70 years and over on the list for ground floor properties;
  • changing our review and complaints process; and
  • how we will publish and make available a report on this consultation.

How to take part or get more information

The Allocations Policy Review consultation ended on 22 October 2018. We will review the consultation results  and use the feedback to draft a new Allocations Policy. We will then publish a new consultation on the revised policy. The consultation will start on 23 November 2018 and will run until 11 January 2019. This page will be updated with the details of the new consultation when it is published.

You can access a full version of our current Allocations Policy or our guidance leaflet Housing Allocations Policy and Points System.
If you would like more information about our proposals, please get in touch with us at

What we will do with the results

We will use your feedback to prepare a revised draft Allocations Policy which will be presented to the Council’s Communities Committee in November 2018.  Elected Members will make a final decision on the changes proposed.  You will be given the opportunity to comment on the revised draft policy.  Following Committee approval, the revised Allocations Policy will be implemented on 1 May 2019.

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