Draft amended Moray Core Paths Plan 2018 - Review document - Public consultation exercise - Have your say

What exactly is being consulted on?
This Draft Amended Core Paths Plan (Review Document 2018) incorporates much of the original text from the plan with the proposed new text highlighted in red. New tables are included at the front of the document giving information on proposed existing route changes and new Core Path proposals. Draft Amended Plan PDF & Index of Core Path Draft Maps

These tables correspond to the maps which show the original Core Paths with the proposed changes all annotated and shown in colours as follows:

  • Dashed yellow line - Proposed deleted sections of Core Paths.
  • Dashed red line - Proposed Core Path amendments
  • Solid red line - New Candidate Core Paths.

Everyone with an interest is invited to respond only to the proposed highlighted changes which constitute the review.

Responses are not invited on the original Core Paths (purple solid and dashed lines on the maps) and the original text which remain unchanged from the original 2011 Adopted Core Paths Plan.  To View the original plans click on the following links:  core paths adopted plan and core paths adopted maps 

How to Have Your Say?
Responses are now invited to this Draft Amended Moray Core Paths Plan (Review Document 2018). Remember you are only being asked to comment on the proposed changes to the Plan as described above.  The public consultation exercise commences on 29th January 2018 and runs for 12 weeks. All responses must be received by 20th April 2018 to be considered.

Responses received will be in one of two categories i.e. comments or formal objections.
Comments on the changes can be wide ranging including statements of support, general observations and suggested alterations. You may strongly oppose some aspect of the proposed changes and as a result may wish to raise a formal objection. Please note that objections cannot be accepted without your full name and address.

To make it easy for you a simple response form has been created where you can record your comment or formal objection. Click HERE to open the e-form- hard copies and paper response forms are also available at all libraries and Council Access Points in Moray. Paper response forms can also be obtained from the Moray Outdoor Access Manager.

Ian M Douglas
Moray Access Manager, The Moray Council, Environmental Services, Ashgrove
Depot, Ashgrove Road, Elgin, IV30 1UU. Telephone: 01343 557049
E mail: Ian.douglas@moray.gov.uk

Draft Amended Plan PDF

Index of Core Path Draft Maps

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