FOI Request Notices Served - Planning (Listed Buildings & Conservation Areas)(Scotland) Act 1997

Request 101001715605

We would like to (and hereby do) make an Information Request that we be provided with all information collected by you pursuant to your statutory duty under Sections 3, 4, 34, 42, 43, 49 and 50 of the Planning (Listed Buildings & Conservation Areas)(Scotland) Act 1997 for all Notices/Orders that;

(1) remain extant, (That is to say have been served but are not considered Complied with)

(2) Have been Complied with (Where there are no works left to be carried out)

(3) Have been Complied with but have invoices pending in respect of works carried out by or on behalf of your council,

During the dates 1st July 2017 to the 15th January 2018 which information would form part of any PEC issued by the Council were one to be issued.

If there is no information falling within the scope of this Information request, please advise us accordingly.

Response 29-01-2018

Planning (Listed Buildings & Conservation Areas)(Scotland)Act 1997

Section 3 - NIL

Section 4 - NIL

Section 34 – One – 1)Remain extant 2) Not applicable 3) Not applicable

Section 42 - NIL

Section 43 - NIL

Section 49 - NIL

Section 50 – NIL

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