FOI Request Cycling Tourism Sustainability in Scotland

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1 Do you have a sustainable transport strategy for your local council and if so does it include the following?
•       Cycling as a main sustainable transport option
•       The Cycling Action plan for Scotland
•       The Abellio ScotRail Innovaton plan?
•       The National Tourism Strategy?

Please put the website link to where this plan is available on your council internet.

2 What cycling facilities do you have in your local council area to promote cycling? Please tick that all that apply.
•       Cycling Hubs
•       Cycling routes
•       Cycle tracks
•       Cycles to hire
•       Cycle Events
•       Cycle projects
•       Cycle racks
•       Pilot Projects for “Quiet Roads”

Please give details for each of these available or all that apply in your local council area

3 What other types of  Cycling facilities do you promote in your council area for Cyclists
•       that travel for getting to work, education or school
•       cycle for leisure purposes
•       cycle for health and exercise purposes
•       cycle for sport

4 What factors have you included in your Council transport strategy and plan that are important when considering the needs of cyclists?
•       What are you doing as a Local Authority to promote cycle tourism or increase cycling numbers in your area?
•       What are the top three strategic action you will be taking to promote cycling tourism or the facilities of cyclists in your council in the next five years?
•       What are you doing as a council to promote cycling as a healthy sustainable transport to the generation aged from 5 to 25 years of age?
•       What media or communication channels are you using to promote this strategy?

Response 06-02-2018 

1. Yes we have an active travel strategy which covers the same issues.

1a.  Yes

1b.  Yes this is referenced within the strategy

1c.  N/A

1d.  N/A


2a. No

2b. Yes

2c.  Yes

2d. Yes

2e. Yes

2f.  Yes

2g.  No

2h. This information is too extensive to be able to report all examples of them.

3a. Yes

3b. Yes but under the health and exercise banner.

3c.  Yes

3d.  No

4a.  We do not directly promote cycle tourism in this local authority area but we do work on increasing cycling numbers in general within Moray and some of the facilities will benefit tourists as well as local users. We were previously ranked joint 5th across all Scottish Authorities for the number of journeys where cycling is the main mode of transport. We employ a sustainable travel officer to promote active and sustainable travel through a number of methods.

4b. Increase the cycle infrastructure across Moray, continue work on behaviour change by promoting cycling as a sustainable travel method and aim to provide cycle training in all schools and develop a programme of adult cycle training.

4c. By providing cycle training in all schools and develop a programme of adult cycle training. Also including this age range in any promotional activities.

4d. Any media activity will relate to specific projects or events in advance of them occurring.

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