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Request 101001691292

My request relates to business travel by chief officers of the council both overseas and in the UK since April 1 2014.

I would therefore like to request a breakdown of all travel by chief officers, the dates and the destination of each trip.

The cost breakdown should include (a) travel (b) accommodation (c) conference or training fees (d) meals (e) fares (f) taxi fares and (g) any other expenditure.

Please confirm class of travel (rail and air), name of hotel and the occupancy status.

I would like copies of all related documentation including but not limited to invoices, receipts, credit card bills, foreign currency, expenses forms etc.

Please provide details of who authorised/approved each trip and the date of this authorisation/approval. Please indicate whether or not the council received any funding, grants or other financial assistance from external sources towards the cost of these trips. I expect this to include who paid for the trip and how the council received this payment/funding.

Finally, please confirm if any chief officer, since April 1 2014, has attended (a) a conference (b) a meeting (c) a training course (d) any other events in the council area which has involved an overnight stay at a hotel also located in the council area. In each case, please provide the name of the chief officer, event attended, date and total costs involved.

Request Suspended 21-12-2017 pending clarification. 

Clarification not received therefore request closed 23-01-2018

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