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May i have details of the historical and present  ownership of the Fishermans Hall in Buckie, and details of the  previous and present responsibility for the financing required for the upkeep of the Hall.

Response 09-01-2018

The Fisherman’s Hall, Buckie is owned by Buckie Common Good.

The Common Good is administered separately from other Council funds for accounting purposes, but it is owned outright by  the Council by virtue of s222(2) of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 which states “... all property held as part of the Common Good by an existing Local Authority on 15 May, 1975 shall on 16 May, 1975 be transferred to and vest in such Islands or District Councils ... and those Councils ... shall, in administering that property, have regard to the interests of the inhabitants of the area to which the Common Good formerly related”.


The Hall is managed by Educational Services and income and expenditure relating to the day to day operations and upkeep of the hall are the responsibility of that service.


Other repairs would be the responsibility of the Buckie Common Good, although the Council may agree to fund repairs from General Services rather than the Common Good. This was the case in 2012 when the Council agreed (4 April 2012, paragraph  7 of the minute refers) to contribute £40,000 towards the repairs carried out on the Fisherman’s Hall which cost approximately £76,000 in total.

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