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Please could you provide the following information regarding your ERP (Finance & Procurement) and HR & Payroll system:
1.    What Finance, Procurement and HR & Payroll system are currently used at the council?
2.    When does your contracts expire?
3.    Do you have any planned upgrades of the software? If so, when?
4.    Are you planning to go to market for a different Finance, Procurement, HR & Payroll system? If so, when?
5.    How many users / licenses of the system do you have at the council?
6.    Who is the person responsible for your Finance system & HR & Payroll system? Please provide full name, title and contact information if possible.
7.    How many staff are involved in supporting your ERP/Finance system & HR & Payroll system
8.    Do you have any of these systems externally hosted, if so can you provide annual costs.
9.    What was the initial licence cost of these system and the current annual support/licence fees.
10. When were these systems first installed and has there been any major reimplementation to match your organisations digital transformation over the last 5 years.

Response 15-12-2017

1. Finance (integrated procurement) - Advanced Solutions, e5.  HR Payroll MHR, I-Trent

2. Finance - we own the licenses so annual support and maintenance  HR - 25/10/19

3.  Continuous upgrade of both systems based on suppliers version timetable.

4.  No plans at present

5.  Finance - 64 concurrent.  HR/Payroll - 20 concurrent users, 5500 employees

6.  Finance - Payments Manager.  HR/Payroll - currently project board

7. Finance - 1 directly involved, 6 partially involved.  HR/Payroll, still in project mode, final structure still to be determined.

8. No

9. Finance - bought back in 1994 (no data available) - annual support £82,000.  HR/Payroll - bought just last year annual fee £38,000

10. See Q9.  Finance- continual work on both systems to maintain and take advantage of technology improvements ie Bank Reconciliation work this year.

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