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1.A brief outline of any restorative justice services offered by the council (or by an external organisation with the support of the council) to victims and/or offenders, including whether the council has knowledge of the following restorative justice processes currently available in the council area:
a) Direct communication between the victim and person who has harmed, prepared and supported by a suitably trained facilitator.
b)Indirect communication between the victim and the person who has harmed, supported by a trained facilitator, for example through the use of shuttle dialogue, written, audio or video messages.
2.Any information on how many victims or offenders were offered restorative justice services, how many took part and/or how many outcome agreements were reached in the council area in the last year.
3. A list of service providers of restorative justice in the council area.
4.The council’s definition or understanding of what constitutes Restorative Justice.

Response 08-12-2017

1.  Restorative Practices in Moray have in the past been delivered through the Youth Justice Service, the majority of the team are trained in this approach and support would be offered to the person harmed and the person who has caused the harm.

a.  As mentioned the majority of staff are trained and would if appropriate engage the person harmed once discussion and agreement of the harm has been established.

b.  Indirect communication would is used, normally through letters or shuttle dialogue.

2.  Restorative opportunities are offered to all young people accessing the Youth justice Service.  This service do not record numbers of RJ approaches, rather work in a Restorative approach through their contact with young people. 

3.  Youth Justice Service.

4.  Restorative Practice in short would be defined as 'an opportunity for people to acknowledge harm has been caused and an opportunity to repair this harm.

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