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The information we require relates to the use of the voluntary Real Living Wage in your local authority.  As you may know, this is a voluntary scheme created by the Living Wage Foundation. Around 3,600 employers across the UK have voluntarily agreed to pay their staff a wage which is based on the real cost of living, as determined by the Living Wage Foundation. The Living Wage Foundation currently calculate the costs of a Real Living Wage to be £10.20 per hour in Greater London and £8.75 per hour outside of London.   More information is available here

To be clear, these questions do not relate to your statutory requirement to offer the Minimum Wage (£7.05 per hour for those aged under 25 years) or the National Living Wage (£7.50 per hour for those aged over 25 years).

Please can you tell us:

1.    Has your local authority chosen to become a Real Living Wage employer (i.e. made a voluntary commitment to pay all staff the Real Living Wage as determined by the Living Wage Foundation)?
2.    Do you currently require contractors who deliver social care in your local authority to be Real Living Wage employers?
3.    Over the last 12 months, have tendering processes favoured (i.e. offered additional marks to) organisations which can demonstrate that they are Real Living Wage employers?

Response 12-12-2017

1. Moray Council, like all local authorities, does strive to pay the equivalent of the Living Wage, (set for that financial year at the time of the pay deal - around April each year) However, we are not an accredited Living Wage Employer. From the 1/4/17, we pay £8.51 for the Living wage.

2. No. 

3. Our tendering processes cannot favour living wage employers but we do ask the contractors position on this at tendering. All tenders contain the following questions around the Living wage, see attached HERE.  The responses are not scored.

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