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1.  Do you conduct local topographical knowledge tests: for hackney carriage drivers?  For private hire drivers?   Please indicate which, and whether the test is the same for both hackney and private hire.
2.  Does this topographical knowledge test include route knowledge
3.  Are your applicants required to demonstrate a knowledge of spoken and/or written English? Please specify?
4.  Are your applicants required to demonstrate a knowledge of basic maths ? ie. to make change?
5.  Does your test include knowledge of the national legislation, local hackney carriage byelaws or local conditions of licence?  Please comment
6.  Are there any other elements of trade knowledge that your council puts in the test?

Response 21-11-2017

1. Both and the test is the same for both

2. Yes ability to follow instruction given by the assessor to drive to a specific local point or area.  Map reading – no , Satnav usage – no

3. Yes an ability to follow direction given in English during the driving assessment, answer 9 multi choice Highway Code questions, Identify road traffic signs and have to read a number plate at 20.5 mtrs

4. No

5. - Before starting the drive they are instructed to follow the directions indicated by the road signs and lane markings and to observe speed limits, be in control of the vehicle and to make good use of the mirrors and to show curtsey and consideration to other road users.

6. No

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