FOI Request Project Overspend: Council Sports Facilities

Request 10100165817

Could I request the following information under freedom of information legislation:

•         A calculation of how much projects have gone over budget, in relation to council sports facilities, over the past 10 financial years (including 2016/17) ?

Response 05-12-2017

In order to respond to this FOI the following assumptions have been used:

The term Project is assumed to mean a time limited development activity with a focus on sport.

Sports facility is assumed to mean a building or area constructed primarily for sports activity.  Eg a football pitch or leisure centre but not a school or PE facility.

It is also assumed that the calculation looked for is financial rather than the number of projects that went ‘over budget’.

The response to this request is that 5 projects went over budget at a combined additional cost of £108,998.

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