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Please provide me with information regarding libraries for each of the last five financial years.

  1. How many people were registered to use library services at the beginning of each financial year?
  2. How many people were banned from library services during the last five years and, if possible, please specify when and where each ban took place and for what reason.
  3. How many people in total are banned from libraries in the council area?
  4. How many library fines were issued in each of the last five financial years, and what was the total cost of the issued fines each year?
  5. What was the largest fine issued each year?
  6. How many of these were paid, and what did this total?
  7. How many fines ever issued by library services are still outstanding, and what is the total monetary value?

Response 16-11-2017


Year Total Number of Registered Borrowers
2016-17 47,477
2015-16 45,734
2014-15 43,343
2013-14 41,115
2012-13 38,711

2. 2 in Lossiemouth library during 2017 and 1 in Elgin Library in 2015 for unacceptable and threatening behaviour.

3. 2 as above

Q4 - 7. In accordance with Section 17 the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, we can confirm that this information is not held as we we do not record or report this information.

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