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Request 101001660306

I would appreciate confirmation of your local authority's procedure on the following:
1) Do you require end of tenancy inspections in relation to your council housing?
2) Is there a pre-let inspection prior to commencing a new tenancy?
3) If yes, is a pre-let inspection completed a) in the company of the new/proposed tenant? or b) solely by an employee?
4) Are the properties regularly inspected/attended during vacant periods? If so, how often is your aim?

Response 15-11-2017

1.Yes technical officers from our Capital Programmes Team carry out an inspection at end of each tenancy in the presence of the current tenant. This highlights any works which the outgoing tenant should complete prior to vacating, or to agree any rechargeable works with the tenant.

2.  Yes.

3) Solely by a technical officer following completion of void works by our Building Services.

4) The majority of properties are only inspected following completion of all works as noted above, unless our Building Services require further works instructed whilst on site, in which case the appropriate technical officer would attend to agree any variations/additional work.  Our average void period is 31 days so it makes sense to inspect at the end.

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