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Can you please let me have the name and email addresses of the following officers in your organisation

Title Area Name Email address
Chief Executive All    
Director Education    
Director Transportation    
Director Environment    
Director Adult Services    
Director Housing    
Director Children Services    
Director Commercialisation    
Director/Manager leading on Smart Cities / Digital Transformation    

Response 05-12-2017

Roddy Burns, Chief Executive - 

Denise Whitworth, Acting Corporate Director of Corporate Services - 

Rhona Gunn, Corporate Director of Economic Development and Infrastructure - - Rhona Gunn is Corporate Director (Economic Development, Planning and Infrastructure) and this covers Development Services, Direct Services and Housing and Property which would cover Environment, Transportation and Housing.

Laurence Findlay, Corporate Director of Education and Social Care -

There isn't a director of adult services as we now come under the scope of Health & Social Care Moray.  Pam Gowans is the Chief Officer and her email address is

Susan Maclaren, Head of Integrated Children's Services

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