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Pool car usage data for the period 2015/16 and 2016/17
1.        How many pool cars, either leased or owned, does your council have?
2.        What is the total annual spend on pool cars?
3.        What is the total annual miles of pool cars?
4.        How many regular pool car users are there?
5.        How many casual pool car users are there?
6.        What is the overall cost per mile of pool cars?
Staff car for work usage data
We understand local authorities can maintain and attribute data to more than one category of pool car user. For example, essential pool car users in receipt of a lump sum for mileage, pool car users, and casual users. For the period 2015/16 and 2016/17, in each of your local authority’s defined categories:
7.        How many council staff use their own car during the course of the day to carry out council work?
8.        How many miles were travelled by staff in their own car on council activity?
9.        What was the average cost per mile reimbursed to users?
10.     What was the target cost per mile?
11.     How much did your council spend in 2015/16 and 2016/17 on reimbursing staff for miles travelled for council activity in their own cars?
Operational policies
12.     Please provide the name and/or job title of the person responsible for developing and monitoring policies on employee car usage in your council.
13.     What policies, working documents or plans does your council have in place to reduce volume and/or cost per mile of usage by pool and/or staff cars?
14.     What policy documents does the council hold on general car usage policy and associated targets and metrics?
15.     Is your local authority pursuing new methods to address major issues or needs around car usage in your local authority? If yes, please provide the supporting documentation.
16.     What is the average number of staff arriving to work in offices or other shared places of work of the council on a weekday?
17.     Of that number, how many staff on average drive their own car to that office?
18.     Does your council have any carpool or similar commuting schemes in place?
19.     If so, what incentives or compensation is offered to encourage staff to take advantage of these?

Response 01-12-2017

The information you requested is available here.

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