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I need data of the past 20 years, if available, on number of refugees in your region, their country of origin, age and gender. Ideally this data should be individual rather than general number of refugees from country X that would not be connected with gender and age of this person.  I understand that in some regions 20 years of data might exceed time/cost exemption.
In this case, would it be possible to prioritise latest figures and work backwards?

Response 14-11-2017

We can only provide data for the last 2 years . We have had Kosovan refugees and Housing Services were involved , there may have been others but we only have data for the SVPRS  We have received 19 individuals from UNHSCR camps. 2 babies male have been Born in the UK and are both just under a year old

They are as follows :

10  Males—ages:39, 34,4,2,32,8,5,62,35,4 all from Syria

 9 Females-ages:30,6, 2,24,33,58,13,28,2 all from Syria

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