FOI Request LGBT Bullying Data

Request 101001646683

1. Do you record data on bullying in (a) primary schools and (b) secondary schools of a LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual) nature?
2. If so, can you supply me with this data for the last ten academic years for (a) primary schools and (b) secondary schools?     
3. What advice is being given to (a) primary schools and (b) secondary schools on what IT system to use when recording LGBT bullying in school?

Response 06-11-2017

1) Yes, we have been recording this since 2012

2) There were no reported incidents before academic year 13/14. Figures for subsequent years are:

                                13/14     14/15     15/16     16/17

primary                0              0              1              1

secondary           2              1              0              2

3) The advice given to schools is to use our corporate form which can be filled in by hand or using excel.

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