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Under the Freedom of Information Act, I write to request the sign up/membership figures of Moray's sports/fitness facilities going back twenty years.  

If there is information on membership/sign up figures going back as far as 1998 it would be great to get a year-on-year comparison from between 1998 through to 2017. However, if these are not available, if there were figures available from 2007 through to 2017, that would be great.

Response 23-11-2017 

In accordance with Section 17 the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, we can confirm that this information is not held.  It is not possible to provide information for 20 years as this is only the third year of the Fit Life membership scheme and figures are subject to change daily as people join/leave the scheme.

Under FOISA Section 15 (1) we have a duty to provide advice and assistance and as such can provide the following information:

1. There was no membership package available prior to the current Fit-Life

2.The figures below represent membership numbers as at 26 October

  Family Individual Total
Buckie 379 223 602
Elgin 16 3 19
Forres 562 372 934
Forres House 16 9 25
Keith 469 296 765
Lossiemouth 330 122 452
Milne's 80 67 147
Speyside 227 112 339

3. The figures below represent the number of direct debits collected against Fit Life membership in April for the last 3 years

Month/Yr DD Collected
April 2015 1023
April 2016 1800
April 2017 2820

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