FOI Request Unauthorised Gipsy Traveller Camps

Request 101001650446

Can you please tell me how many unauthorised gipsy traveller camps there have been in your area in each of the last 3 financial years?
Has the council taken legal action to remove any of the settlements and if so what was the outcome in each case?
For each legal action what were the costs to the taxpayer?
How many complaints has the council received about unauthorised gipsy traveller camps in each of the last 3 financial years?

Response 21-11-2017

Year   No new unauthorised encampments in period
2016/17 22
2015/16 45
2014/15 39

Yes, legal action taken once and the encampment was removed.

The cost of the legal action was £2084.55

Year   Complaints received
2016/17 2
2015/16 3
2014/15 4

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