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Can I please ask:
The total  amount spent on road maintenance each year since 2008.
The total amount spent on repairs to potholes each year since 2008.

Response 29-11-2017

Revenue expenditure for years 2008/09 through to 2015/16 is already available online here (within the ‘Annex A’ documents)

Revenue expenditure for 2016/17 has not been published on the Scottish Government website. Please find attached here.

Capital expenditure for all years is attached here.

The table below shows the expenditure each financial year on carriageway patching.
It is important to note that this expenditure includes the repair of many different types of carriageway defects, and not just potholes.

Year Expenditure
2008/09 £669,078
2009/10 £867,434
2010/11 £1,037,659
2011/12 £807,304
2012/13 £718,116
2013/14 £687,164
2014/15 653,646
2015/16 £707,612
2016/17 £667,057
2017/18 £434,613

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