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Request 101001642662

Would you be able to provide me with the number of publicly available defibrillators in the moray area and maybe explain how someone living in a rural area would get access to an AED to preserve life for someone suffering a heart attack.

Response 07-11-2017

This information is exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002- Information Not Held. The ambulance service has this information for all defibrillators registered with them. This does not include any defibrillator that companies/individuals have but  chosen not to register.

Also a defibrillator would not be used on someone having a heart attack but would be used when someone's heart has stopped or in a particular rhythm.

When a 999 call is made by the public saying a patient is unwell and if it is thought that the patient would benefit from a defibrillator the ambulance service tells them where the nearest defibrillator is.

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