FOI Request Parking Fines

Request 101001638582

Please supply me with information regarding parking fines, broken down for each of the last five financial years:
Please tell me:
How many parking fines were issued in the councils name, and their total monetary value
How many of these were appealed, and the total monetary value of all appeals
How many of these appeals were accepted/ rejected, and the total monetary values for both categories. What was the cost to the council of processing the successful/ rejected applications – with figures for each if possible

Response 10-11-2017

Financial Year Parking Fines Issued Monetary Value Cancelled Monetary Value            
2016/17 117 £7,605 14 £910            
2015/16 442 £28,730 34 £2,210            
2014/15 151 £9,815 23 £1,495            
2013/14 200 £13,000 35 £2,275            
2012/13 339 £22,035 55 £3,575            
The above parking fines are for off-street car parks only              
The monetary value is based on the true cost of an excess charge notice (£65.00), however, if paid within 14 days the charge is reduced to £40.00
Total number of notices appealed is not known, above shows total number actually cancelled          
Cost of processing appeals not known as this is not recorded separately            

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