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Since the transfer of commissioning responsibility for school nurses from central to local government in 2015, many local authorities have withdrawn continence from the remit of school nurses (mostly at Level/Tier 1: prevention and first line assessment and treatment of continence problems). To assess the impact of this, could you please answer the following questions:

1.     Does your local authority provide a dedicated continence clinic? Yes / No.
If you answered no, please go to question 5.

2.     Which of the following is covered by the dedicated continence clinic:
a.     Bedwetting
b.     Daytime wetting
c.     Toilet training
d.     Constipation/soiling
e.     Product supply for paediatric continence problems

3.     How many hours a week does the clinic run?

4.     Is the amount of time dedicated to service provision in this clinic:
a.     Determined by the number of children and young people (from birth to 18 years) visiting each week? Yes / No
b.     Regulated in another manner? Please explain.

5.     Is continence a listed responsibility provided by your local authority area for any of the following professions:
a.     School nurses Yes / No
b.     Health visitors Yes / No
c.     Other healthcare professionals Yes /No. If yes, please specify who.

6.     If you answered yes to any of the professions listed in question 5 could you please tell us:
a.     How many children and young people with continence problems do each of these professionals have responsibility for?
b.     How many children and young people are on the waiting list for this service, and how long has the person currently at the top of the list had to wait?

7.     If you answered no to any of the professions listed in question 5, was there a decision taken to remove continence from the listed responsibilities of any of these professionals and, if so, when did this happen?

8.     Do you have any future plans to:
a.     commission new paediatric continence provision? Yes / No
b.     review the existing paediatric continence provision? Yes / No

If so, please provide details.

9.     Are you aware of the NICE-accredited Paediatric Continence Commissioning Guide?
a.     If so, do the services commissioned in your LA use it?

Response 24-10-2017

This information is exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information ((Scotland) Act 2002- Information Not Held. We suggest the requester redirect their request to NHS Grampian who may hold this information. 

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