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1: How many visits were made to schools in your council area by members of the armed forces over the past year?
2: How many visits were made to schools in your council area by members of the armed forces each year since 2010.
3:  How many visits were linked to recruitment?  
4: How are school visits from the armed forces decided upon?
5: Can you offer an outline of the different programmes, exercises and activities that took place?

Response 07-11-2017

  No of Visits This Year No of Visits Since 2010 No Linked to Recruitment How are Visits Decided Upon What Took Place
Buckie High 0 Not Known 0    
Elgin Ac 0 Not Known 0    
Elgin High 0 Not Known 0    
Forres Ac 0 2 0 Visit in 2015 was offered to us as a Platinum RAF school partner and in 2016 the visit was in conjunction with STEM activities especially with regard to engineering. Team building exercises, information about STEM careers (particularly engineering), building a bridge out of spaghetti.
Keith Grammar 2 Not Known 0 Visits are generally for a purpose linked to skills and qualities development both in terms of personal development and subject specific. In some cases we approach armed forces to deliver an input in others a department is aware of outreach programmes offered and they see the benefit for their subject or for career aspirations such as STEM input from RAF. RAF STEM course – using engineering kits; promoting resilience and problem solving
Lossiemouth High 2 Not Known 0 Through PSE programme and requests that would help support educational needs of pupils. Talk, Display
Milne's High 2 2 0 Tied into curricular outcomes Team building exercises with S6 pupils. The programme involves physical and mental challenges that promote
team work whilst pushing pupils outside their comfort zone.
Speyside High 0 Not Known 0    

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