FOI Request Trading Standards Tobacco Non-Compliance Investigations

Request 101001629013

I would like to know how many instances of non-compliance with the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016, particularly as it relates to e-cigarettes, have been investigated by your Trading Standards department?
How many of these investigations have been subsequently followed by enforcement action?
Additionally, how many reports of non-compliance have been received by your Trading Standards department from consumers or other businesses/organisations relating to e-cigarettes, how many of these reports have been actioned, and how many of these investigations have resulted in enforcement action?

Response 26-10-2017

1. We have a record of three instances of non-compliances.

2.  There were no instances of enforcement action - they were all dealt with by advice.

3.  Two of the above instances of non-compliance were brought to our attention by consumers or other businesses.

4.  Both instances reported as above were actioned.

5.  Neither resulted in enforcement action - both were dealt with by advice.

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