FOI Request Filling Headteacher Vacancies

Request 101001628498

As at 1 October 2017

1. How many schools are in your local authority (broken down by sector)
2. When you have a full complement of headteachers, how many are there by sector?
3. How many schools share a headteacher and are these permanent or temporary arrangements? (please list the schools)
4. How many headteacher positions are vacant? (broken down by sector)
5. For the positions that are vacant, please could you list the schools and when the position was first advertised?
6. For the positions that are vacant, how many times have these posts been advertised and how many applicants have applied for each post?
7. If you have had to re-advertise vacancies, what are the main reasons for this? (e.g. suitability, quality, low number of applicants?)

General questions:
1. Are there any reasons why some headship/deputy head / assistant head posts are more difficult to fill than others?
2. Are there any mandatory qualification requirements for headship positions?
3. Are there any mandatory qualification requirements for deputy and assistant headship positions?
4. Outside of any mandatory requirements, are there any additional qualifications that are deemed to be desirable for headship/deputy/assistant head positions? if so what are the reasons for this?

Response 16-10-2017

1. Primary – 45 Secondary - 8

2. Primary – 41 Secondary – 8

3. 4 permanent arrangements:






4. 6 primary


5. Burghead Primary School -28/10/16

Kinloss Primary School – 28/10/16

Milne’s Primary School – 28/4/17

Cullen Primary School – 12/5/17

Knockando/Inveravon – 4/11/16

Mortlach – acting arrangement in place


6. Burghead Primary School advertised 4 times       applicant numbers: 3/3/2/1

Kinloss Primary School advertised 4 times             applicant numbers 3/4/5/3

Milne’s Primary School advertised 2 times            applicant numbers 3/0

Cullen Primary School advertised 3 times              applicant numbers 0/1/2

Knockando/Inveravon advertised 2 times            applicant numbers 5/4


7. Low number and quality of applicants


General questions:

1. Smaller more rural schools struggle to fill management posts as well as those with less differential in salary to class teacher or PT positions.

2. Yes

3. No

4. Any leadership and management qualification whether completed at local or national level.

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