FOI Request Advertising on Roundabouts

Request 101001628461

This is a request for information on advertising signs on roundabouts in Elgin and throughout Moray.
1. Do these signs have planning permission?
2. How many signs are there?
3. What revenue is generated by these signs?
4. Was any assessment of the impact on driving safety done prior to the decision to erect these signs?
5. Who, or which department, within the Council made the decision to allow advertising on roundabouts?
6. Please list the companies who currently sponsor advertising signs on roundabouts. 

Response 10-10-2017

1. Yes, All planning applications can be viewed on the Councils Planning portal at

2. 4 on each roundabout (where possible)

3. £39,610 (gross) per year before costs and not including VAT.

4. Yes, as part of the planning process.

5. It was a council decision (i.e. Councillors approved the move to generate income from ads)


Richmond Wight

Richmond Wight

Forres Autos

Blind Spot

The Floor Studio

Strathdee Properties

Strathdee Properties

Strathdee Properties

Floor Studio

The Floor Studio


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