FOI Request Care And Risk Management

Request 101001625059

1. Whether the council operates a Care And Risk Management (CARM) system to deal with children who may pose a risk of serious harm, as described here:

If it does, then...

2. a) Whether the council operates it unilaterally or on a regional basis with other councils.

b) The number of children that are subject to the council’s CARM system currently.

c) Of those, the number that have been identified as displaying “sexually harmful behaviour”.

If it does not, then...

3. Details of the system that is in place to manage the risk of serious harm posed by children.

Response 30-10-2017.

1 The council does operate a CARM system as described 

2a  It is operated unilaterally 

2b  Presently no children are subject to the CARM system 

2c None

3 The council also operates the ASSET system which  assess the risk of serious harm to others and has access to the Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice in Glasgow.

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