FOI Request Outgoing Mail Costs

Request 101001623740

1) How does your organisation pay for postage on outbound mail?
• Franking machine
• Royal Mail PPI or OBA account
• Downstream Access provider
• Hybrid Mail  solution
• Other (please specify)

2) Please advise how you manage any mailshots.
• In-house using manual mail production and apply postage.
• Outsourced to a mailing house for print, fulfilment and postage
• A combination of the above, depending on the number of recipients and mail piece content
3) Are you aware of total spend per piece for outbound mail, including printer costs, pre-printed stationery, any folding or inserting machine costs, envelopes, franking machines (and consumables,) staff resources and energy costs?
• 1st class (single page colour, simplex)
• 2nd class (single page colour,  simplex)
• Large letter (5 pages colour, duplex)

4) What is your overall spend on outbound mail pa?

5) When will you next review your outbound mail process and/or suppliers?

6) How do you ask potential suppliers to engage with your organisation to introduce products or services?

7) Do you use a tendering website or purchasing consortium? If so, please specify

8) Are you bound to purchase from a CCS Registered Supplier (if any cost thresholds apply, please specify.)

Response 26-10-2017 

1) ? Franking machine- YES

? Royal Mail PPI or OBA account- BOTH

? Downstream Access provider-NO

? Hybrid Mail  solution -YES

? Other (please specify) - SPRAYED AND INVOICED BY WHISTL


3)  FRANKING MACHINE RENTAL £3,389.00 - Individual mail costs are not available therefore this information is Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - Information Not Held

4) PERIOD 04/16 TO 03/17 

TOTAL SPEND £103,345.32.  

1ST CLASS £20,675.73, 

2ND CLASS £82,699.59

5) 3 years

6)  All Tender Opportunities are advertised on Public Contract Scotland Website

7) Public Contracts Scotland

8) No

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