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Request 101001613637

Please tell me how many people were employed by the council in the departments responsible for collecting council tax since January 2014.

Please break down your answer by month and by year, up to the date of the receipt of this email.

Please also provide me with a list of the names of the departments responsible for collective council tax.

Response 17-10-2017

1. The administration and collection of Council Tax involves a number of staff, some of whom contribute to this task as one part of their duties and others who have this as their principal task.  The below reflects staff numbers rendered as Full Time Equivalents. This information is provided on an annual basis, given that there is minimal variation in the staffing complement:

  • January 2014: 18.75;
  • April 2014: 20.25;
  • April 2015: 20.25;
  • April 2016: 19.53;
  • April 2017: 18.88.

2. Please see the response to question (1).

3. The administration and collection of Council Tax lies in the Corporate Services department, with the day-to-day work being carried out in the Customer Services Section.

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