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- How many taxi journeys to (and from) school does the local authority provide to school pupils per day / week/ year? If possible, please distinguish between “one off” journeys & those occurring regularly.
- What is the total cost of providing these taxis each year? (Please provide data for the last 5 years if available)
- Please identify which, if any, of these taxi journeys are provided to children with a disability.
- How many taxi firms does the local authority use to provide journeys to and from school to children? If possible, please name the firms.

Response 05-10-2017

1. There are no "one off" journeys.  From current contracts 148 journeys per day. In school year 2017/2018 there will be 190 days therefore 28120 per year estimated.


2016/2017   £986767

2015/2016    £976478

2014/2015    £966800

2013/2014    £942300

2012/2013     £914000

3. 103 pupils have Additional Support Needs from the current lists

4. The companies that provide vehicles with less than 8 seats for school contracts:-

A2B Cabs

Ace Taxis

C&K (Elite)

CU There Taxis

Elgin Cabs

Gray's Taxis

Moray Taxis

Mundole Taxis

Portknockie Contract Hire

Ronnie's Cabs

Tawse Taxis

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