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I am researching the issue of Scottish class sizes.

To that end, could you please provide data on actual class sizes  in your area please, as they were recorded on the register (pupil numbers per class ) .

I'm looking for data for the last five years for both primary and secondary schools please.

Response 27-09-2017

Information on primary class sizes can be found at the link below and, for 17/18, see attached document HERE

Information on secondary class sizes is not routinely collected and we are unable to access historical information from our Seemis recording system therefore this information is exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002- Information Not Held. 

2017/18 figures are below for each school.

Elgin Academy     S1     S2     S3     S4     S5-6

Elgin High     S1     S2     S3     S4     S5-6

Forres Academy     S1     S2     S3     S4     S5-6

Milne's High     S1     S2     S3     S4     S5-6

Lossiemouth High     All Years

Keith Grammer     S1     S2     S3     S4-6

Buckie High     All Years

Speyside High     S1     S2     S3     S4     S5-6

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