FOI Request Off-Street Car Parking in Your Local Authority Area

Request 101001600235

I would like to make a formal request for the information set out below in relation to off-street car parking provision in your local authority area (Moray).

Please provide the following information:

1. What was the total gross income which your local authority generated from off-street car parking in 2015-16?
2. What was the total gross income which your local authority generated from off-street car parking in 2016-17 (if this figure is available)?
3. How many car parking spaces are currently provided by the local authority to generate this annual income?
4. Does the local authority have any plans to increase its number of off-street car parking spaces, and if so, by how many?
5. If the local authority holds any information regarding the number of off-street car parking spaces provided in the local authority area by other providers (such as private car parking operators) please advise how many spaces are provided, and by which operator.
6. Are the local authority’s off-street car parking operations run entirely in-house, or are these subject to alternative arrangements, such as a management contract or a partnership agreement with the private sector or another local authority, and if so:
a. What are the current arrangements – i.e. a management contract, a partnership / joint venture or other (please specify);
b. who provides the service to / partners with the local authority; and
c. When is this contract / partnership scheduled to end?
7. Has the local authority given any consideration (and / or made any decision) in the past two years to explore alternative managerial and operational arrangements for its off-street car parking provision (such as private sector involvement) and if so, what?
8. Does the local authority have an up-to-date Parking Strategy? If so, please provide a weblink.
9. Please provide a weblink to your latest Annual Parking Report.
10. As the local authority will have set its budget for the current financial year (and its Medium Term Financial Strategy), has it agreed for 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20:
a. any savings to be delivered in the running costs of off-street car parking; and
b. any projected increase in income.
Please provide any figures of savings and income agreed for these years.
11. Likewise, has the local authority allocated any capital funding for expenditure on car parks during the next three years, or identified the need to allocate capital in due course? Please provide figures and details of proposed expenditure.
12. In particular, does the local authority have any plans (or ongoing considerations) about redeveloping, reconfiguring and / or consolidating its car park provision, including through the provision of additional or enhanced multi-storey car parks? If so, please advise details.

Response 03-10-2017

2015/16 2016/17
1 & 2.  Total Gross Income:
Car Park Machines £807,697 £818,870
Monthly Parking Permits £26,267 £32,901
Excess Charge Notices £11,915 £10,467
£845,879 £862,238

3. Total no of parking spaces 1,526
4.  No plans at present to increase off street parking spaces
5.  No information held on other providers therefore this information is exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.
6.  Managed In-house
6a. N/A
7. No plans to explore alternative managerial and operational arrangements
8.  Local authority currently working on a Parking Strategy
9.  N/A
10a No savings on running costs or projected increase in income agreed to date
11.  No capital funding allocated on car parks
12  No plans to redevelop, reconfigure and/or consolidate car park provision

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