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Can you please provide up to date information of enforcement officers responsible for food law enforcement in your local authority
What are the job titles of those responsible for food law enforcement? (environmental health officers, food safety officers etc.)
What are their responsibilities? (e.g. food hygiene only, food safety and health and safety etc.)
How many people are employed under each of the above job titles in this local authority?
How many employees were responsible for the same tasks 5 years ago? (where available)

Response 22-08-2017

EHO Responsibilities

 1             To enforce and advise on the provisions of the Food Hygiene (Scotland) Regulations 2006, Food Safety Act 1990, General Food Regulations 2004 and associated Legislation

2              Implement the Section’s Food Hygiene inspection and Food Sampling programmes.

3              Carry out visits, inspections and provide advice on all Food Safety related matters.

4              To enforce and advise on the provisions of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and associated Legislation

5              Implement the Section’s Health and Safety inspection programme.

6              Investigate reports of accidents and dangerous occurrences.

7              Carry out visits, inspections and provide advice on all Health and Safety related matters.

8              To enforce and advise on the provisions of the Public Health etc (Scotland) Act 2008, Environmental Protection Act 1990, Clean Air Act 1993, Refuse Disposal (amenity) Act 1978, and other relevant Legislation

9              Investigate issues relating to public health, complaints of nuisance arising from premises, smoke, fumes, smell, accumulation, animals, noise, abandoned vehicles, or any other matters.

10           To enforce and advise on the provisions of the Housing (Scotland) Act 1987-2006

11           Inspect private sector housing in terms of the tolerable standard and address issues relating to repair, improvement and maintenance of houses.

12           Inspect Houses in Multiple Occupation in terms of current legislation.

13           To enforce and advise on the provisions of the Caravans Sites and Control of Development Act 1960, Approved Standards and Licence Conditions

14           Inspect residential and holiday caravan sites, and administer the issue of licences.

15           To enforce and advise of the provisions of the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949 and associated Legislation

16           Investigate and advise on insect and vermin infestation affecting domestic and commercial premises.

17           To enforce and advise on the Riding Establishments Act 1964-70, Breeding of Dogs Act 1973-91, Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976, Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963, Pet Animals Act 1951 and associated animal welfare Legislation

18           Inspect premises, and administer the issue of licences.

19           Liaise with the Dog Warden Service to investigate stray and lost dog reports.

20           Liaise with the Consultant in Public Health Medicine, Grampian Health Board, in terms of the Public Health (Scotland) Act 2008

21           Investigate cases of confirmed and alleged communicable disease, including food poisoning.

22           Assist in the investigation into outbreaks of communicable disease in accordance with the NHS Grampian Outbreak Plan.

23           Act as consultee to planning applications, the Licensing Committee, Solicitors Property Enquiries and other Moray Council Departments as and when required.

24           Provide advice in respect of general/non-statutory public health enquiries.

25          Assist in training of Student Environmental Health Officers, when required.

26           Inspect vehicles in connection with application for Street Traders Licences in terms of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982.

27           Assist and liaise with the Technical Officer in the collection of water samples from swimming pools and private water supplies.

28           Attend training seminars and courses, and arrange in-section cascade training.


FSO Responsibilities


1              Implement the Section's Food Hygiene inspection and Food sampling programme.

2              Undertake visits and inspections of food premises including both high and low risk categories.

3              Provide advice on food safety and related matters to the owners/managers of food premises.

4              Assist and liaise with other Environmental Health Officers and Food Safety Officer as required.

5              Undertake letter and report writing as required.

6              Draft letters in response to inspections/enquiries from businesses.

7              Compose reports on all inspections, as directed by the Environmental Health Manager.

8              Liaise with other Departments and Agencies in all areas of Food Safety.

9              Seek the advice of Legal Services where necessary and provide information when required.


There are 10 EHO's ( Manager, 2 Principals and 7 EHO's) one part time FSO in post at present. There are  4 full time equivalent officers ( 0.6 FSO and 3.4 EHO's) dealing with  food law enforcement.

How many employees were responsible for the same tasks 5 years ago? (where available)

5 full time equivalent officers

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