FOI Request Childrens Home Records

Request 101001576253

1.       How many children’s homes are/were run by the local authority (please provide operational time frames i.e. date of opening and, if closed, the date of closing, as well as the type of establishment).
2.       Whether the local authority has retained children’s records relating to their time in care at these local authority operated facilities.
3.       If records have been destroyed, please indicate how many individuals were affected and the time frame in which they were in care.

Response 05-09-0217

1. One home is run by the local authority which opened in December 2015. The Council did not run any Children's home this time.

2. We adhere to the authority's records retention policy which is available here

3. In accordance with Section 17 the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, we can confirm that this information is not available

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