FOI Request Sanitary Provision

Request 101001569051

We would like to know:
1. What provision you make for distributing sanitary products such as tampons and sanitary towels in schools? Are these items provided only through dispensing machines, or also/only on request through the school office, or by other means? How widely available are they- e.g. how many dispensing machines are provided in each school?
2. What is the cost of sanitary products in dispensing machines? (Please specify cost and number of items e.g. £2 for 2 tampons)
3. Is there any provision of free sanitary products for staff or students in the schools in your authority, if so by what means?

Response 17-08-2017

Items are available on request from the school office, first aid room and Guidance staff.  There is no charge for any items provided

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