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Please can you let me know how many racist incidents were reported in schools in your authority during the most recent academic session (2016/17) and the one prior (2015/16)? And what management information tools is/are used to record these?
It would be helpful to know if other prejudice based bullying which may have a racial element, such as Islamophobia, is recorded, and how many incidents of such occurred during each of the two last sessions across the authority.
If you wish to offer any commentary on your authority's approach to recording racist incidents. and preventing/dealing with them, or on wider approaches to anti-racist education, that would be welcome, although this does not form part of the FOI.

Response 15-08-2017

# racist incidents 2016/17: 18

# racist incidents 2015/16: 18

There was 1 recorded incident in 2015/16 that was based on religion/belief. A copy of the form used for recording all incidents is attached HERE

Schools and other agents are encouraged to report any incident, no matter how insignificant, and send the report to the Equal Opportunities Officer (EOO). The EOO works in partnership with the Moray Community Safety Hub to ensure that a complete picture is collated of people who are repeatedly subjected to or displaying such behaviour.

The number of recorded incidents has increased significantly over the last two years following an awareness raising campaign among the schools.

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