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1. Please could you complete the attached table
2. If food and garden waste is currently collected separately, does the Council have plans to switch to co-mingled collections in future?

Background/ Context: Scotland Excel - Environment Category – Organics Framework
Scotland Excel Our organic waste framework is helping Scottish councils meet legislation that makes it mandatory to collect food waste from households and food businesses by 2016.
Designed to assist local authorities in their statutory requirements to collect and treat organic waste separately from other waste materials, this framework for the treatment for organic waste offers local authorities a variety of treatment options for food and garden wastes collected separately or as a co-mingled mix, including anaerobic digestion, in-vessel and open windrow composting.
In the main organic waste is delivered by a council to the service provider’s facility for treatment. However, some councils have a slightly different service model, which is to deposit organic waste at a specific point where it will be bulked then collected by the service provider for onward hauling and treatment. The framework is flexible enough to allow councils to select either or both service models as required.

Response 16-08-2017


MORAY COUNCIL Annual Tonnages 2017 (predicted) Annual Tonnages 2016 Annual Tonnages 2015 Annual Tonnages 2014 % bulked and collected by service provider % delivered to service providers facility for treatment No. of Different framework suppliers used 2015/ 2016 for this Lot
Lot 1 - Food Waste              
Lot 2 - Garden Waste 3000 2972 2919 2795 0 100 1
Lot 3 - Co-mingled Food and Garden Waste 11000 10751 10283 10429 0 100 1

2. Please see table

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