FOI Request Pupil Equity Fund Allocations

Request 101001562307

Please release a breakdown of the Pupil Equity Funding allocated to and spent by each school within the local authority area as of 20/07/2017.

For each school (primary and secondary) please provide

a) The total P.E.F. allocation
b) Details of approved spending of P.E.F. resources (if P.E.F. funds are being spent on more than one item/initiative then each individual item of spending should be provided)
c) Details of any rejected P.E.F. spending proposals

Response 17-08-2017

a) Information can be found here

b)Total spend up to the end of July is £27,788.  The specific breakdown of spend information is held by individual schools so this information is exempt under Section 12 of the Freedom of information (Scotland) At 2002- Excessive cost of compliance. Due to the recently ended school holidays, for a non member of staff to attempt to identify and retrieve this information from the 48 Primary schools in Moray would have exceeded the £600 limit however we will update this response within 2 weeks of the schools re-opening to provide this information. 

The information you requested can be found here.

c) None were rejected.

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