FOI Request Telecare and Telehealth

Request 101001560977

Could you please provide the following information under the freedom of information act?

1. Name of person responsible for the management of telecare/telehealth
2.Their designation
3.Their address
4.Their telephone number
5.Their email address
6.Does the Council outsource the call handling for telecare or is it provided in-house?
7.If outsourced, who provides this?
8.If outsourced, what is the annual cost of this?
9.If outsourced, when is the contract renewal?

Response 25-07-2017

1) Lesley Attridge

2) Service Manager (OT & Intermediate Care)

3) Unit 9a, Southfield Drive. Elgin. IV30 6GR

4) 01343 567130


6) No we have a shared service with Aberdeen City Council

7. N/A

8. N/A

9. N/A

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