FOI Request Overseas Travel (2)

Request 101001558189

rom 01 January 2016 to the day this request is processed, I would like to know the number of overseas trips council officials have taken in the course of conducting council business.

For each overseas trip, please provide the following information:

- The date and duration of the overseas trip, as well as the country/city that was visited
- The full name, title and position of the council official who went on the overseas trip
- The reason or reasons why the council official went on the overseas trip
- The cost of the overseas trip (please provide a breakdown of travel costs, accommodation costs and expenses)
- Please state whether the council met the costs of the overseas trip, or whether an individual, group, company, consortium, charity or another organisation met the costs.
- Please provide the full name of the individual, group, company, charity or organisation that met the costs. If it is a group or consortium, please state who or what composes the group or consortium.

Response 07-08-2017

This information is exempt under Section 25 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002- Information Otherwise Available. This information is published in response to another information request. The previous request can be viewed at 

I can confirm that there have been no further trips this year to add to that information already published. 

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