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I would like the following information about community equipment services:
1. What is the name of your service/
2. Who is the lead authority for your Service: local Authority, NHS, or joint?
3. What population size does the service cover?
4. Please provide contact details for the lead commissioner of the service?
5. How is the service currently provided: in-house / tendered out / other? (If other please give details. If tendered out, what date does the current contract/arrangement end?)
6. If in house are there any plans to test the market on the service?
7. If yes, when is it envisaged that this will happen: within 12 months, within 2 years,  within 3 years, over 3 years, around 5 years, or not sure
8. Does the Community Equipment Service also include any provision of the following (please indicate):
a) Telecare
b) Community alarms
c) Telehealth
d) Wheelchairs
e) Tissue viability/Pressure Care
f) Specialist seating
g) Minor adaptations
h) Major adaptations
i) Communication aids
j) Manual handling
k) Other specialist equipment
9. Are there any further plans to join/merge other related equipment services such as those mentioned above in your area?  

Response 18-07-2017

1. Currently ‘Joint Equipment Store’ but will be changing to ‘Health and Social Care Moray Equipment Store’ in next 2 months.

2. Joint, Health and Social care Moray [staff both provided by NHS and Moray council]

3. Population of Moray is circa 90,000

4. John Campbell, 9a Southfield Drive, Elgin

5. Service is provided in-house. 

6. There are no current plans to test the market and this was reviewed in January 2017.

7. N/A

8. All of the above with the exception of  (E) Tissue viability/Pressure Care and (D) wheelchairs.

9. No current plans.

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