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1. Smoke Safety Mask
a. Has the Council purchased any “Smoke Safety Masks” in the last 5 years? A ”Smoke Safety Mask” is a mask that is worn to prevent smoke inhalation and provide clean/filtered air to the wearer in the event of a fire escape or smoke hazard. A picture example of a “Smoke Safety Mask” is attached
b. If the answer is “Yes” for question 1 (i) how many did the Council purchase (ii) from whom did they purchase and (iii) at what price per unit? (iii) were these purchases for residential housing or other facilities or buildings owned or controlled by the Council?

2. Housing and Residential Stock
a) How many residential buildings does the Council have in its housing stock?
b) How many of those in a) are towers rather than residential houses?
c) Please confirm if there are additional housing/towers within the ownership/control of a housing authority and provide the name of the relevant housing authorities?

3. Fire Incidents
a) How many fire incidents occurred in the housing stock owned/controlled by the Council in the last 3 years?
b) What were the number of (a) injuries and (b) deaths as a result of the incidents reported in a).

4. Contact Names
Please can you confirm the name, job title and email address for the following:
a. Head of Health and Safety and the person responsible for ensuring health and safety compliance of the Council’s housing stock?
b. Person responsible for ensuring fire safety compliance of building within ownership/control of the Council?
c. Head of Housing
d. Head of Facilities Management

Response 11-07-2017

1. None purchased

2. Housing and Residential Stock

a) 6,015

b) None

c) N/A


3. Fire Incidents


2014  = 1

2015  = 4

2016  = 3.

2017 =  2

b) We do not hold this information it is therefore exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002- Information Not Held. 


4. Contact Names

a. John Macdonald, Asset Manager,

b. Eddie Milne, Property Resources Manager,

c. Richard Anderson, Head of Housing and Property,

d. No such position in the organisation

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