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Newspaper headlines from 2016 intimate up to 2500 houses are to be built to the south of Elgin, however, there is no indication of this development in the Moray Local Development Plan Settlements document (Pages 155 to 158).  Could you confirm the progress, if any, of this development and where the land will be given up for building them?  As this information may be used in a subsequent report can you make clear if a fee is due to the Council for its release?

Response 18-07-2017

Principal Planning Officer's Response: 

The site at Elgin South is identified in the Moray Local Development Plan 2015 as "Long 2 South" as set out on page 159 and 160 of the Plan. A Masterplan for the whole site (approximately 2,500 houses, sports centre, 2 primary schools and a mix of uses) was approved on 30th May 2017 by the Council's Planning and Regulatory Services Committee. The Masterplan identifies the location of the housing, primary schools, open spaces, retail and other uses and can be viewed online at

A first phase planning application for 870 houses, sports centre, sites for 2 primary schools and a mix of other uses was approved on 27th June 2017, details of the application and the report to the Council's Planning and Regulatory Services Committee and special meeting of the full Council can be viewed online at

Planning Officer's Response (also for Request Number 101001562886):

In relation to that development I would refer you to the Elgin Settlement Statement (pages 159 – 160) and the Elgin Proposals Map within the Moray Local Development Plan 2015.  In terms of the former, you will note that the area of the development in question is referred to the Elgin LONG2 designation.  In terms of the latter, this designation extends around the southern edge of Elgin, stretching eastward from Birnie Road to, and including, land on both sides of the A941 and Linkwood Roads.  [This designation is also referred to as Elgin South.]

The adopted Plan is available at

The Elgin Settlement Plan and Proposals Map can be viewed at  

The Elgin LONG2 designation does not mention ‘2500 houses’ but there is a reference to “circa 2800 houses” within the Elgin South Masterplan, as approved by the Council is May 2017.  The Masterplan provides a framework for the delivery of development within the Elgin South area and, at the time of reporting the public consultation exercise undertaken on the Masterplan (in November 2016), “newspaper headlines” referred to a development of “2500 houses”.

Details of the Masterplan are available at   

In terms of progress of this development, an application for planning permission - described as Phase 1 - for a development with 870 houses, a Sports Centre and sites for two primary schools and associated infrastructure was the subject of a report and recommendation submitted to a Special Meeting of the Planning & Regulatory Services Committee (and thereafter, to Moray Council) on 27 June 2017.  At this meeting, it was agreed to grant planning permission subject to conditions (including matters agreed at the meeting) and completion of a legal agreement regarding developer obligations.  The agreement has yet to be concluded hence no formal decision notice has been issued 

Details of the report and recommendation as submitted to the Committee are available at   (The Minute for the meeting will be ratified at a future meeting of the Committee).

Details of the (Phase 1) planning application are available at  (and at Search, insert 16/01244/APP and click on the Documents tab for more planning information including drawings of the development).

The purpose and nature/content of your “subsequent report” is not stated and whilst information about the development plan, masterplan and the Phase 1 application are publicly available online, you should note that this information is published for planning application purposes only and the use of this information for other purposes may infringe copyright and/or data protection requirements including rights held by parties other than Moray Council.  Your attention is drawn to Section 5 of the Council’s ePlanning Policy 2015 available at  You should ensure you have obtained the relevant rights before incorporation of Elgin South information in any “subsequent report”.

In relation to your additional enquiry, there is no document available that shows the final number of homes per site within Elgin South, whether that be 2500 or 2800. The issue of numbers will be established through the planning application process wherein the Elgin South development will be phased and within any (further) application for planning permission, the number of dwellings (whether houses and/or flats/apartments) would normally be stated (as was the case with the Phase 1 application).

The Masterplan includes information about the location of each of the three villages (Section 4, Figures 11, 12 and 13 refer).  From the 'Introduction' section of the Committee report, you will note that, for the Phase 1 application, development extends across parts of all three villages and Tables 1, 2 and 3 in the report give information about the location and amount of development proposed with each village (and within each "character area" as defined in the Masterplan which make up and contribute to the character of each village/Elgin South.  The location(s) of the development within Phase 1 relative to the full extent of the Elgin South designation is/are shown, for example, on the drawing Overall Site Layout EL44_SL_09 Rev E.  This drawing also indicates that development within this Phase 1 application will also be phased (Tables 2 and 3 also refer).

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