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Request 101001541978

Please tell me how much the council has spent on temporary/locum/agency teachers in its schools since January 2014.

Please break down the answer by month up to and including the date of the receipt of this email.

Please also tell me how many temporary/locum/agency teachers were employed by the council for each month of the above period.

Also, please tell me the longest period of time a single temporary/locum/agency teacher had been working for the council in one position.

Response 17-07-2017

1. The Council has a pool of supply teachers. Costs are as follows:

2014 - 2,374,804

2015 - 2,402,501

2016 - 2,409,493

2017 - 1,197,799 to date

2. The supply budget is devolved to individual schools who book supply independently. No records are held of when supply staff are required.

3. 4 years, after that they became a permanent member of staff.

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