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I would like a copy of the Procedure for Surface Dressing Roads requested. It's an actual step by step procedure for Surface Dressing roads I am asking for. For example -
Step 1 - Make the area safe.
Step 2 - Display warning signs.
Up to the final checks before leaving the work-site.
I'm sure there is a procedure in place that the workers have to follow. Can you please send me a copy of that procedure..

Response 18-07-2017

There is no specific surface dressing procedure. This is because there are many variables to consider that are relevant to each location. (e.g. site specific risks, junctions, gradients, widths, traffic volumes, urban/rural location etc…)

Although we have no written procedure for our surface dressing works below are the high level steps carried out

  • Site marked in advance
  • Signs erected by signing squad prior to arrival on site
  • Arrive on site – set up traffic control
  • Supervisor checks signs etc.
  • Check plant in position
  • Lay binder & chips then roll
  • Allow time for binder to break
  • Move to next section or site & repeat process
  • Supervisor checks signs etc.

We also take guidance from TRL Road Note 39, Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 8 and the RSTA/CSS Code of Practice for Signage of Surface Dressing Sites. We also consider generic risk assessments and safe systems of work as  identified in the safety manual.

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