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Request 101001522255

1. A copy of your current Data Protection Policy that library users must agree to, and the version in force on the 1st May 2011 (if different).
2. Do you use a third party to provide your library management system (LMS) and store the LMS data?  If so when did you implement it, and what user information is stored by the third party?
3. If you use a third party library management system:  Has your Data Protection Policy altered as a result?  How were users informed of these changes?  Were they required to confirm assent, and how?  Please provide the text of the email/letter or other communication that informed users of the changes.

Response 07-06-2017

1. All of our policies are listed on the Moray Council website:

A previous similar enquiry was responded to at:

2. We don't use a third party to provide our LMS. It is a direct agreement with Capita and the data is stored on in-house servers.

3. Not applicable.

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