FOI Request Shared Articles (2)

Request 101001521475

Please provide the full details of all articles (originally contained in any journals or magazines), that have been sent to Moray Council by NHS Grampian, either by post, fax, or e-mails.  By details, I mean the article title, date of publication, name of magazine, volume and part number of magazine etc.

This can be for the period:  1st January 2017 – 31st March 2017.

To assist in this matter, this is most likely (but not exclusively) to have been received by Moray Council’s Social Care and Health departments.

Response 27-06-2017

The daily press summary is sent to a distribution list of 163 people which includes two people with a Moray council email address.  There could be others within the Moray Health and Social Care Partnership who use an NHS net email address.

There has been 90 daily press notifications from 1st Jan - 31 Mar 2017.   Access to articles is subject to copyright restrictions

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