FOI Request Hopeman Primary Follow up of FOI 101001501544

Request 101001511380

In relation to the Hopeman Primary School FOI (101001501544) the following questions have been asked:

1. Who signed off the work?  Fiona Grant's name is on the works request, was Fiona the most senior person who signed this work off?

2. The correspondence in respect to the bus accident referred to in Fiona Grant and Sharon McGlinchey's emails.

3. The Accident Report relating to the bus accident (a bollard is mentioned in Fiona Grants correspondence  - there are no bollards at Hopeman Primary School)

4. Evidence of any driver disciplinary action/retraining following the accident.

5. The Report Log associated with the bus accident.

6. Evidence of cars parked by users of coastal pathway (this was referred to as an issue, but not one the Parent Forum was aware of).

7. It was noted in email that the approach to the rear of the school would be risk assessed.  Despite asking for all risk assessments pertaining to these works, this was not supplied.  Could this please be supplied, or confirmation given that this was not undertaken.

8. Evidence of previous issues raised around buses and HPS - Fiona Grant referred to this issue 'rears its head again' in one email.  This will be relevant to this request.

9. Has there been an assessment that the bus provision is fit for purpose (e.g. is the bus capacity relevant to the usage?)

10. Has the Moray Council 'tracked' the bus as part of the investigation?

11. There is a reference to a new bus layby on McPherson St being discounted as there was no funding for it.  Where is the quote of the cost of the works which decided that there was no funding for it?

Clarification Sought 25-05-2017. Request Suspended. 

Clarification Not Received Therefore Request closed 18-07-2017

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